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Post-Conviction Relief Motion in Fresno, CA

File a post-conviction relief motion in Fresno, California, with help from Cenci Law Group. We help clients fight for conviction dismissals and annulments to maximize the chances of gaining immigration benefits.

Helping Your File a Post-Conviction Relief Motion in Fresno, CA

Remove Convictions from Your Record

Immigration becomes much more difficult when you have a prior conviction. We review your record and file a motion in the county where you were prosecuted and convicted in order to help you have the conviction vacated, dismissed, or annulled. By doing so, you'll have the opportunity to either apply for or renew a green card, or even apply for citizenship. We can also appear before the immigration court on your behalf and fight against the threat of deportation. Count on us to help you expunge a record or provide thorough immigration legal services.

Our post-conviction relief motion team has an excellent record of success when it comes to post-conviction relief. In the current political climate, now is a good time to file motions for post-conviction relief in California. Contact us today to get the process started with a consultation.